Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to the Wahls Protocol® Community

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    • Ask Dr. Wahls!

    • October- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • September-Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • July- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • June- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • May- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • March- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • February- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!!

    • January- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • December- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • November- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

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    • Wahls Recipe - Chicken Korma

    • Wahls Recipe- Coconut Cardamom Sweet Potato Chili with Coconut Sour Cream

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    • Introduction to The Wahls Protocol® Book Club

    • Join our live Wahls Protocol® Book Club Meeting hosted by Beth Schultz

    • Month One - Introduction

    • Month Two- Chapter One: The Science of Life, Disease, and You

    • Month Three- Chapter Two Autoimmunity, Inflammation, and Chronic Disease Versus Functional Medicine

    • Month Four- Chapter Three: Getting Focused: Wahls Protocol Prep

    • Month Five- Chapter Four: The Wahls Protocol 101

    • Month Six-Chapter Five: Mastering the Wahls Diet

    • Month Seven- Chapter Six: Wahls Paleo

    • Month Eight- Chapter Seven: Wahls Paleo Plus

    • Month Nine- Chapter Eight: Reducing Toxic Load

    • Month 10- Chapter Nine: Moving for Healing

    • Month 11- Chapter 10: What to Know About Drugs, Supplements, and Alternative Therapies

    • Month 12- Chapter 11: Managing Stress and Increasing Physical, Metabolic, Mental, and Emotional Resilience

    • Month 13- Chapter 12: Recovery

  5. 5
    • Join our live call class taught by a Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner

    • Upcoming: January Class- Featuring Dr. Kristina Bosnar- Wahls Protocol for Pediatric Autoimmunity

    • Upcoming: November Class- Featuring Amy Behimer- How to Win Your Morning for Autoimmune Health

    • October Class Featuring Kelly Cassidy- Quick & compliant meals with Cassidy

    • September Class- Featuring Michael Smith- Prevention is Power: Transform Your Heart through Diet, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress Management

    • August Class- Featuring Dr. Kristina Bosnar- Optimizing Digestion. 4 Cs- Choose, Chew, Chill and Cherish- watch the recording here.

    • July Class- Featuring Marin Campbell- Functional Breathing with Upper Back & Rib Mobility- watch the recording here.

    • June Class- Featuring Kevin Arnold- Breathwork for Healing- watch the recording here.

    • May- Featuring April Vukelic, D.O.- Affordable First Steps for Evaluation of Mold Illness- watch the recording here.

    • April- With Mary Sheila - Water, Lymph, and Blood – Honoring your Inner Ocean- watch the recording here.