Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Chronic Illness: How to Take Back Control of Your Life and Reclaim Your Well Being Using the RTL Formula

    • Modulating The Microbiome And Overall Health With Food

    • Multiple Sclerosis Overview

    • Research Update: America’s Committee On Treatment And Research In MS (ACTRIMS) Forum 2021

    • A Naturopathic Approach To MS

    • An Integrative Neurobiological Approach To Helping Children With ADHD

    • The Anti-Inflammation Diet

    • An Integrative Neurologist’s Guide to MS and The Wahls Protocol® – Navigating the Galaxy of Medicine to Discover Your Path to Success

  2. 2
    • Fun Family Wellbeing Activities

    • Tai Chi for Stress Reduction in Mind and Body

    • Movement/Your Semi-Annual Movement Check-up By Your PT

    • How to Tame Bitter Vegetables (So Everyone Will Eat Them)