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Are you seeking a research-backed approach to managing autoimmune and neuroimmune conditions? Look no further! The Wahls Protocol® membership program is carefully designed to empower individuals, just like you, on a transformative journey toward vibrant health and well-being.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Wahls Protocol® Community

  2. 2
    • Ask Dr. Wahls!

    • March- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • February- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • October- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • September-Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • July- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

    • June- Ask Dr. Wahls Responses!

  3. 3
    • Wahls Recipe - Chicken Korma

    • Wahls Recipe- Coconut Cardamom Sweet Potato Chili with Coconut Sour Cream

  4. 4
    • Introduction to The Wahls Protocol® Book Club

    • Join our live Wahls Protocol® Book Club Meeting hosted by Beth Schultz

    • Month One - Introduction

    • Month Two- Chapter One: The Science of Life, Disease, and You

    • Month Three- Chapter Two Autoimmunity, Inflammation, and Chronic Disease Versus Functional Medicine

    • Month Four- Chapter Three: Getting Focused: Wahls Protocol Prep

    • Month Five- Chapter Four: The Wahls Protocol 101

    • Month Six-Chapter Five: Mastering the Wahls Diet

    • Month Seven- Chapter Six: Wahls Paleo

    • Month Eight- Chapter Seven: Wahls Paleo Plus

    • Month Nine- Chapter Eight: Reducing Toxic Load

    • Month 10- Chapter Nine: Moving for Healing

    • Month 11- Chapter 10: What to Know About Drugs, Supplements, and Alternative Therapies

    • Month 12- Chapter 11: Managing Stress and Increasing Physical, Metabolic, Mental, and Emotional Resilience

    • Month 13- Chapter 12: Recovery

    • Month 14- Chapter 13: Epilogue and Wahls Recipes

    • Month 15- Wahls Protocol® end of the book wrap up!

  5. 5
    • Join our live call class taught by a Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner

    • Upcoming- April Class: Featuring Mary Sheila Gonnella from Occidental Nutrition.- Mindful Eating

    • March Class featuring Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND- Beyond Labels: Mental Wellness using Naturopathic Medicine

    • February Class: Featuring April Vukelic, D.O.- The Reversal of Cognitive Decline (ReCODE)

    • January Class- Featuring Dr. Kristina Bosnar- Wahls Protocol for Pediatric Autoimmunity

    • November Class- Featuring Amy Behimer- How to Win Your Morning for Autoimmune Health

    • October Class Featuring Kelly Cassidy- Quick & compliant meals with Cassidy

    • September Class- Featuring Michael Smith- Prevention is Power: Transform Your Heart through Diet, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress Management

    • August Class- Featuring Dr. Kristina Bosnar- Optimizing Digestion. 4 Cs- Choose, Chew, Chill and Cherish- watch the recording here.

    • July Class- Featuring Marin Campbell- Functional Breathing with Upper Back & Rib Mobility- watch the recording here.

    • June Class- Featuring Kevin Arnold- Breathwork for Healing- watch the recording here.

    • May- Featuring April Vukelic, D.O.- Affordable First Steps for Evaluation of Mold Illness- watch the recording here.

    • April- With Mary Sheila - Water, Lymph, and Blood – Honoring your Inner Ocean- watch the recording here.

What this site so valuable

  • Expert Guidance

    Gain exclusive access to Dr. Wahls by having your questions answered in the monthly Wahls Protocol® Q&A. Get insights and answers to your burning questions.

  • Dive into Knowledge

    Join the vibrant book club, where we work through each chapter of The Wahls Protocol®, unraveling the intricacies of managing autoimmune and neuroimmune diseases through diet and lifestyle modifications.

  • Nourishing Recipes

    Unlock a treasure trove of delicious and health-centric recipes tailored to support your autoimmune protocol. Discover meals that are both nourishing and delightful.

  • Interactive Community Calls

    Engage in monthly live calls with Wahls-certified health professionals adept in helping patients thrive. Receive guidance, support, and inspiration from a dedicated team passionate about your well-being.

Why Choose The Wahls Protocol® Membership

Comprehensive Approach: This membership goes beyond generic solutions. You'll learn strategies to address your unique health needs, focusing on the root causes and holistic management of autoimmune and neuroimmune challenges.

Empowerment Through Education: Gain invaluable knowledge that empowers you to take control of your health journey. Acquire actionable insights and practical tips to implement changes that make a lasting impact.

Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals, sharing experiences, insights, and encouragement. Benefit from a supportive environment that fosters growth and positivity.

Become a Wahls Warrior™ Today and Embrace a Life of Vitality and Wellness!

Invest in your well-being and become a part of a thriving community dedicated to reclaiming health and vitality. Don’t let autoimmune or neuroimmune conditions hold you back. Take charge and unlock the path to a vibrant life!