Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Enhancing Brain Recovery with Functional Medicine and HYLANE Technology

    • Therapeutics for MS: The Benefits of Optimizing Hormones—The Latest In Young Fresh Frozen Plasma Infusions

    • Insights from American Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine - 2021

    • Advanced Considerations for Brain Health

    • Physical Activity for Healthy Aging

    • The Gut-Thyroid Connection, Profound But Under-Appreciated

    • 5 Steps to Successful Meal Planning

    • Research Update America’s Committee On Treatment And Research In MS (ACTRIMS) Sept 2022

    • End Of Day 1: Wrap Up

  2. 2
    • Stress, Anxiety and the Feel Good Hormones

    • The Preventative Health Effects of Drinking Kombucha Daily

    • Top 10 Biohacks For A Better Night’s Sleep + Action Plan + Coaching Exercise

    • Dance For Longevity