What We Will Cover

Harnessing Electrical Stimulation: Enhancing Function for MS and Neuroimmune Patients

  • Understanding Electrical Stimulation:

    Delve into the fundamentals: How does electrical stimulation work within the nervous system? Explore different types of electrical stimulation and their targeted applications.

  • Unveiling its Impact on Neurological Function:

    Learn about the potential benefits of electrical stimulation in managing symptoms common to MS and neuroimmune conditions. Discover its role in promoting mobility, muscle strength, and overall functional abilities.

  • Practical Applications and Techniques:

    Engage in demonstrations showcasing the application of electrical stimulation devices and their usage in rehabilitation. Gain insights into personalized approaches and considerations for integrating electrical stimulation into daily routines.

  • Expert Insights and Q&A Session:

    Hear from leading experts in neurology and rehabilitation medicine, providing valuable perspectives and addressing queries regarding the use of electrical stimulation.

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