Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Overcoming Generational and Cultural Obstacles

    • Research Update European Committee On Treatment And Research in MS (ECTRIMS) Fall 2021

    • Breathwork To Reduce Inflammation – Introducing the Wim Hof Method

    • Top 10 Tips To Transform Your Health By Shifting To A Mentality of Healing

    • Raising Healthy families using the Wahls Protocol®

    • Eating The Wahls Diet™ On A Budget

    • Exercise, Activity, Movement To Build Resilience

    • Sustainable Holistic Health and The Art Of Deep Nature Connection

    • End Of Day 1: Wrap Up

  2. 2
    • Become The Leader Of You Through Dance. Access Your Deepest Wisdom To Fully Live

    • How To Make Grain Free Skillet Granola

    • Getting Children and Spouses On-Board

    • Movement/Your Semi-Annual Movement Check-up By Your PT

  3. 3
    • The Positive Effects of Meditation on Improving Resilience